About us

Transforming lives听through education

樱花直播 is an education charity that exists to make sure that all children, regardless of their background, have access to a great education and real choices in life.

We听started with one school, in 2006

We鈥檝e always believed that, with the right approach, every school has the potential to succeed - even those in the most challenging circumstances. Nothing should be a barrier to children achieving.

From working with just one听school, 樱花直播 has since grown into a network of 39听schools in the UK - and is now recognised as one of the highest achieving academy groups in the country.听

We still听only work in the communities where we can make the biggest difference to children鈥檚 lives, and all our schools are non-selective.听

As our network has grown, so have our ambitions

We want to change the lives of children everywhere, not just in our own schools. So we create听补苍诲 incubate听ventures designed not only to help pupils in 樱花直播 schools, but also to improve education systems as a whole. These ventures tackle some of the most intractable problems facing children 鈥 including poor numeracy, inadequate support for dyslexic pupils,听补苍诲 the lack of quality social workers.

We innovate, learn and adapt听- and then we听share it

Things can only be changed through听hard work, high expectations and听evidence-driven approaches. In some cases, it could be about tweaking the way听a lesson is taught; in others, it's changing the way we think about training teachers.听For instance, in the UK, our structured approach to听teacher training and professional development听is helping to embed听outstanding teaching in our schools鈥 for trainee teachers right through to executive headteachers.

And we don't stop at training our own teachers. Programmes such as the听听补苍诲 听are now training teachers and school leaders in hundreds of schools across the UK.

Working in partnership is key to everything we do, locally and globally

We can have a bigger impact when we work with others, such as governments and education organisations, as well as people at a local level too.听From having key members of the community as governors, to engaging parents and taking part in local events, our schools听work with others to create happy, safe communities.

Working in partnership has also allowed us to extend听our impact to other countries 鈥 spreading our expertise through initiatives designed to improve entire education systems. Through 樱花直播鈥檚 , we鈥檙e working to bring governments and education organisations closer together to create better schools. In India and Uganda, this involves implementing new听ways of tracking and improving school quality and student performance. In Kenya and South Africa, we're developing low-cost school information systems to drive student progress through better use of data.

Working together is key to everything we do: whether that鈥檚 teachers sharing resources across countries, or children from different schools helping each other to perform a song on stage.听Our work has greater impact when we share knowledge and expertise.听

We are driven by the belief that every child can succeed if they have the right opportunities

Over recent years, we have seen some life-changing results. However it is听only the beginning. We're committed to transforming even more lives through education.